Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What time is happy hour again??

Gah! Another growth spurt in the works. Top that with some major teething action and you’ll find me tethered to my child. I’ll either be shoving holding his teether in his mouth for him (since he’s too young and uncoordinated to do it himself yet) or sticking my boob in his mouth to shut him up sooth his voracious appetite (because after all he only ate 5 seconds ago, wouldn’t want the kid to think he’s starving!)

My chill, sweet, giggly baby can come back aaaaanytime now. Mommy misses you. Aaron said it perfectly though. It’s times like these that make you truly appreciate how good/awesome he usually is, and at least there is a reason for it. Thanks honey. You keep me sane :)

Oh how I love my boys even when they are whiny :)


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Ariana said...

Try a soft wash cloth. I put in their tiny hands. One that doesn't release little fuzzy. It gave me a break from holding the teething ring and boo duty.