Sunday, October 23, 2011

A little person robe…

My friend Leslie came over today and we sewed all day while daddy had baby duty. The boys watched football and we labored over the ca-uutest hooded bath robes for the little ones in our lives. Thanks Leslie for a fun day and for the awesome turquoise towel! Drum roll please…….
hooded robe 022It’s a 9month-18month sized robe so I have his sleeves rolled up half way and his little arms were still nowhere to be found! Ha ha. Oh well, he’ll grow into it. The hood is lined in a cute monkey flannel. 
hooded robe 016
Ta da! Definitely a little big at the moment. This made me think of having him go as a boxer for Halloween, (or Hugh Hefner).


Steph said...

bahahaha Hugh Hefner hahahah so funny.

Laura DeHaan Haske said...

Love it! Did you buy the pattern for this somewhere? I'd love to try my hand at making one for Caleb, but I'm lost without a pattern. Read: Beginning Sewer. Although, a step-by-step tutorial from you would work too. Ha!

LeslieFreeman said...

I purchased the pattern online from one of the blogs we read and shared it with Lindsay. I've been sewing for a little over a year now and Lindsay had to help me with the whole sleeves and hood part as I have never put a shirt together before, let alone a hood. A beginner probably could do this but you may have some questions!