Friday, October 14, 2011

I’m a cheap smack, what can I say?

Well the time I’ve dreaded is just about here. My diaper stock pile is dwindling quickly :( Waaaaah! Please allow a moment of silence so I can collect myself…
As you may or may not know, my friend Jac uses cloth diapers  (for Parker! Jeeze, sorry Jac, I just about sent the rumor mill into over drive  on that one! Forgive me) and she loves them. I was planning on doing the cloth route myself for Eli until I got a boat load of FREE diapers from my shower, then I didn’t see the need because for me, its about being cheap  frugal (hence the major reason I breast feed—free food, what, whaaat! But noooow that my stash is down to only 3 packages, I’m back to considering cloth again :/
Have any of you noticed that joannes has a”babyville boutique” section now with all the fixins to make your own cloth diapers, including a booklet on how??  I was like a kid in the candy store when I discovered this! My wonderful mom bought me the snap applicator and snaps for my birthday (giddy I tell ya!) and I had all the other supplies I needed in my stash so I bought the book and got to work.
Ta da! Eli’s first homemade cloth diaper:
cloth diaper 001 cloth diaper 002
The book recommended different fabrics to “wick” away the moisture and it said minky was a good choice for this so it’s super soft and I’m actually considering making ME a pair. If you felt this thing, YOU’D want one too, don’t judge.
cloth diaper 003
A pocket to insert a soaker. I just folded and put in a cloth diaper I already had been using as a burp cloth
cloth diaper 004
And my chunky monkey  muse modeling it :)
cloth diaper 007
He’ll just need a size 2T pant is all while wearing this thing.
I think I’ll experiment with different fabrics to see which absorbs best and what not. We’ll see. So as cheap as I can make these things, I figure it’s worth a try! Check out their website here.


Cassi said...

How do you wash them? and keep them from staining?

Linds said...

Hey Cas, I was researching that question myself because I had heard you can't just use any detergent for cloth diapers and from what I've read, the best one to use is "Charlie's soap" with a cold rinse cycle followed by a hot rinse. The reviews said it was the best for getting out smells and stains. I'm not gonna use the diaper until I get some of this first. I'll let you know how it goes