Monday, October 24, 2011

Which is worse, kidney stone or labor?

Tough call. I can’t even say for sure. My Saturday morning 2 days ago started off in a creepy déjà vu of a Saturday morning back in July when my son arrived. I’m not even kidding. I woke my hubby up, again saying “Babe I’m uncomfortable, I don’t feel right.” My hubby probably thought I was over reacting and didn’t see why I woke him but I ended up calling my mom to get her 2 cents because the pain was getting progressively worse. It was she who suggested I go to the hospital. For being a nurse, I am a horrible patient. I never know what I should do for me.
So at about 4:50am I feel this sharp shooting pain low in my pelvis that wakes me up. I thought “that’s weird”, got up to pee to see if that would make a difference and nothing. I get back into bed and now I feel the pain/discomfort coming in cycles and I have a pressure sensation like I have to pee again (or like a baby dropping low and getting ready to come out!) What the heck?? “Babe, I’m really uncomfortable and I have this pain that’s shooting through my groin.” He’s like “why?” ummm, I don’t know. Then the pain moves to my left flank and now it’s like  I got kicked there but the pain just lingers and lingers without getting any better, in fact I’m sure its getting worse. Is this back labor?? I kid you not, I recalculated in my head just how old Eli was because I actually felt like I was in labor again! I get up to pee one more time but still feel like crap and still no relief. Now I have the chills and can’t get warm and I’m pretty sure I’m about to vomit (nope, I waited until about 2 minutes from the hospital when I made my hubby pull over so I could dry heave in traffic). That’s when I call my mom because my hubby, bless his heart, doesn’t know what to do for me.
Sure enough, the ride to the hospital was just as bad as back in July. I even yelled at Aaron to step on the gas and then told him not to get pulled over because I was sure I would die in the meantime. I just.couldn’t.get.comfortable. To me, that’s the worst kind of pain—that dull, intense, diffuse ache that no repositioning relieves. Thank GOD the ER was dead at that time (7am) because I started to cry thinking of waiting hours in the waiting area before even being seen, let alone getting some pain relief. (I find this interesting in retrospect because I knew I was going to do labor au natural, and did, yet I couldn’t WAIT to get pain meds this time. Maybe it was because I knew there was an end in sight with labor…? and that I’d get an awesome little gift…? What was I going to get with a kidney stone? And how long was I going to have to endure this?? GIVE ME THE DRUGS!
A dose of toradol and a CT scan later, they confirmed what we all suspected—a kidney stone. It was 4mm and stuck right above the bladder. The doc said once it hits the bladder the pain would subside and that hopefully with it being almost there, I’d pass it pretty quickly. He sent me home with norco, toradol and cardura (a men’s prostate med shown to help women pass stones. Heh.) Well I decided against taking the man pill because I’m nursing a little man and I was concerned it could affect his man parts. I’m a mommy, I can’t help it and the doc admitted it being so long since he had to worry about prescribing a med for a nursing mom. Anyone out there need a months worth of Cardura? :/
I truly believe all your prayers helped me. My pain went away from 3pm on saturday, through the night until about 4pm on sunday when It started back up, but a norco took care of that and I was pain free again until I passed the stone this morning. God is good :) I realize how bad it could have been with some people dealing with stones for months! EEEEk! Shoot me now.
Here it is, the little bastard (pardon me) :
kidney stone (smack dab in the center of this pic, to the left inside of the cup,  see it?)
Who’d a thought that something so little could cause soooo much pain???
Well that’s my story. Hope none of you can relate.

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