Monday, October 3, 2011

Swim lessons!!!

Ohmygosh my squeezies I’m so excited to tell you all about our first swim lesson! So Energym in sycamore has free swim lessons for pregnant women and infants from 3m to 8m! How cool is that???! My friend Nicole mentioned how awesome it was and suggested I try it out once Eli turned 3 months. So the temp of the water is set at 92 degrees, (I DESPISED swim lessons as a kid because my mom always chose the classes that started at the but crack of dawn, in an outdoor pool, where the water was never higher than 0 degrees. I’m certain I saw ice crystals. Needless to say, I had to be forced into the pool against my will and vowed never to do that to my children. I still love you mom, I know you meant well) and there is 1 instructor for every 4 students. Check out their website for more info if you’re interested—I HIGHLY recommend it! (Oh, and tell them I referred you because we BOTH then get $25 off of the lesson fee when we have to start paying after 8months, pleaseandthankyou). Nicole, I told them you referred me so they said they’d apply your $25 credit :) Here’s the link . Check it out!
Unfortunately we had to start in the middle of the term because Eli had to turn 3 months first. There were 2 other women and their kidlets (one of them I know from work! What a small world.) and the instructor is AWESOME with the kiddos. At this stage it’s just about getting them acclimated to the water and working with their baby reflexes. Eli did awesome! He didn’t fuss ONCE even when I poured water over his face. We took it easy this first week, but next week he’ll be dunked under water so we’ll see how he does then :) You have to purchase an approved swim diaper, no disposables allowed. I got a blue camo pair for Eli. He was super cute in them. I didn’t have a helper today so I just took a pic with my phone in his car seat right before getting into the water. I can’t wait for Aaron, my mom, and Steph to come to one of these lessons and see what it’s all about and to take some better pics. But for now, this one will have to do:
swim diaperAt this point he’s not too sure about this whole swimming thing.
Seriously, if you can’t tell already, I’m SUPER excited for Monday mornings now. We are in the 10:20 class. Come join us :) There’s even a viewing window to watch through :)

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Cassi said...

free lessons? that's unheard of! how cool! He's gonna be a pro in no time :)