Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Car seat Tent 2.0

I must say I DO love a good idea. I’m always looking for recommendations to make anything easier or to hear about something someone just cant live without and give it a try myself. With that said, I LOVE my car seat tent. (It’s also served as a burp rag, nursing cover and changing pad. It’s very versatile :D) I’ve noticed since having it for the whole 3 months of Eli’s life that there are some things I wish mine had. You saw in this post that I made a cover for a friend of mine and added a window because with Eli, I was always lifting the whole thing up to see if he was sleeping or not after a car ride (which 99.9% of the time he is) and the flash of brightness is enough to wake him up if he was sleeping, grrrr. So I added one to mine.
carseat tent 2.0 005
Also, now that he’s learning just how cool his hands are and grabbing at things, I’ve wanted to hang a toy from the handle and couldn’t, obviously with the way the tent attaches to the handles. I figured that was an easy fix and a must now that he’s older. Now he has his hangy toy just within reach:
carseat tent 2.0 006
carseat tent 2.0 007
carseat tent 2.0 004
Ta da! You can’t even tell that there are 2 new holes. (They sell these tents all over etsy so check’em out. Adding the holes is easy to do if you want me to show you)
Also I’m totally grossed out by the little pads that sit up by Eli’s chin in his car seat because he has spit up many times on them or more recently, munches’ on them, and how do you clean them?? You have to DISMANTLE the car seat straps from the back to get them off! I don’t think so! Call me lazy but No.Thank.You. Can you see how stained they are below? Guh-ross.
carseat tent 2.0 003
I decided a velcro set was in order so that I can pop them in the wash whenever he spits up on them. Here’s Eli modeling them while we were at dinner.
seat belt coversThese are made of that soft cuddle fabric and bound with the same fabric as his tent—super comfy!
Also, did you see the folded burp rag under where his head and butt go in the previous pictures? Go on, scroll back up, I’ll wait :) Talk about a “Eureka!” moment. That fabric on the car seat does not breathe at all and during the hot summer days, the poor thing would be so sweaty and leave these huge sweat stains behind, not to mention the numerous times his poop has gone up his back and onto the car seat…see where I’m going with this? The burp cloth is just folded into a strip and it absorbs sweat and prevents poop from getting all over his seat. All I have to do is pull that puppy out and wash it. It fits PERFECTLY like it was designed for this purpose. I swear I heard angels sings when I discovered this.  A little shout out to my friend Nicole Rissman who made that one for me! I love them, thanks girlie :)
Go on, get out those burp cloths and line those car seats :)
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