Monday, January 30, 2012

Can you ever really have too many hats???

Well it’s no secret that Eli will be getting his Doc band, aka “helmet” next week so I’m trying to think of fun ways to make it a little less conspicuous. Yesterday, after making up my mind to settle in bed early and give this “Girl with a dragon tattoo book” my undivided attention and hopefully get into it, (I’m almost 150 pages in and STILL waiting for it to suck me in. Grrr. But anywho) I had to do one more round of blog stalking and stumbled upon a tutorial for a “lumber jack hat” that I just had to make like, right Now. The book was just going to have to wait, again.
This blog is called Delia Creates and she has a lot of cute tutorials so I’ll probably add her to my favs and check back frequently for more fun inspiration. The tutorial for this hat was based on a head measuring 18 1/2in around, and I realize that’s for an older child (her 2 year old to be exact) but I figured it would be perfect to make Eli a hat on the larger side so that it would fit over his helmet next week. They say the doc band makes the baby’s head sweat more easily because it’s on 23hrs a day, so who knows, maybe he won’t even need a hat once that puppy is on. Either way, he can most likely wear it next winter. Here he is modeling his new, oh-so-soft-and-cuddly-I-want-one-for-myself hat:
Is this hat fun or what?!
It’s a fleece hat with a sherpa lining for the bill and ear piece. The sherpa is typically super exprensive but I found this little beauty in the remnant bin on clearance a while back so I got a great deal on it. Let me tell you, when I saw this hat and read that it called for a faux fur or sherpa lining I did a happy dance because I knew I already had it on hand. Woo hoo! For those interested in making your own, Check out the tutorial here .
Alrighty, time to get back to making dinner. Toodles.

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