Thursday, January 12, 2012

Teach’em young, I say….

Eli just finished his yummy homemade butternut squash. He’s a happy camper right noweli cleaning up 002“Yeah mom, I swallowed it ALL, ahhhhh.”

Ok bud, time to clean up. Wipe your tray table and don’t forget your face…

eli cleaning up 001

Good job!

So far we’ve tried sweet potato, butternut squash, rice cereal, baby oatmeal, avocado, and nanner (formerly known as “banana”). He’s loved them all and scarfs up every last bite, (except for the avocado, he just liked to play with that one, but then again I haven’t tried it since). Next month, my son’s pediatrician is hosting a “big boy” foods class where she teaches how to introduce foods to baby withOUT a spoon or using “baby” foods. Interesting, I know. I thought using a spoon at a young age helps them get the hang of things later on and works on coordination? I suppose jumping right into finger foods does that too. Heh. I remember someone telling me about how she teaches not to use pureed baby foods but going straight to finger foods, and wanting to learn more about it. The class is for baby’s at least 6 months old. Currently, when I make Eli’s food I add just enough breast milk to allow the food to be a thick, sticky consistency (so I could tip the bowl upside down and it wouldn’t run out, just sit there in a glob) because he doesn’t seem to care for the runny stuff. But, watching my kid eat (it’s recommended you do that, you knowWinking smile) he puts it in his mouth and swallows. No mashing it around his mouth to savor the heavenly homemade goodness. That kind of makes me nervous when I think of giving him tiny cut up chunks of big people food and him going straight for the swallow. But I’m sure she knows what she’s doing, after all, she has 4 kids of her own and she’s been doing this for a while.

So any mommas of 6 month+ or about to be 6 months as of February 7th, want to join me at 10am in Genoa? Hmmmm? Anybody…?


Alrighty then. You snooze you lose. I’ll of course let you all know how it goes Smile

Ok Eli, say “buh-bye” :

eli cleaning up 004


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Cassi said...

aww what a sweet happy boy :)