Friday, January 27, 2012

My thieving son, being spoiled by grandma…

…Takes after his Auntie Stephie apparently in the thievery department . We were at grandma’s house today and she handed him some new toys grandpa had bought him to play with while at their house and one went missing. We found him like this:


Double fisting. But wait, where’d the blue toy go? Oh it’s stored in the pocket of his bib! Ha ha. Sneaky, sneaky sir.

We always have a good time at grandma’s because he’s spoiled rotten AND she feeds me Smile


Anybody else get an uncontrollable urge to munch on that bald looking head? (There IS hair there, it’s just platinum is all) I can’t even begin to tell you how yummy the back of his neck is. Mmm Mmm!


A couple of my favorite people

Not a whole lot going on around here, so sorry about the lack of updates. He did just get fitted for his “helmet” yesterday. They had to put a white stocking over his head & face and take the 3D pictures. I wanted to get a picture of it on him but they moved so fast and I didn’t know if it was allowed. He looked like the littlest bank robber you ever did see! You would have thought he was used to wearing stockings over his face because he didn’t once try to yank it off or cry. Just wave the flashy, spinning light thing in his face and he’s golden-- you have his complete, undivided attention. Too funny. I guess in the past they used to do molds of the babies heads but now they do these fancy schmancy photo digital moldings. Next, we wait 2 more weeks for them to make it :/

So that’s it in a nutshell. Stay tuned for the reveal in 2 weeks. You guys will have to send me suggestions on fun ways to jazz it up Smile.



Denise said...

LOL. What great pictures. Your mom is so happy being a Grandma...and she wears it well.

Linds said...

Yes, she certainly does :)