Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My latest mommy must-have…

Ok so remember I showed you Eli’s fold and go bib, inspired by this blog post over at “B is for boy!”? Here’s her version:
foldandgo bib
Pretty freakin’ awesome huh??
I’ve since made a total of 3 now that Eli’s eating and drooling pretty regularly and needing bibs. I’m.in.love. I’ve tweaked her pattern/tutorial a bit to fit my own needs. For example. I removed the side tabs and just put the snaps directly ON the bib so it snaps up tighter:
fold and go bib 001
No tabbies, just snaps
At the brilliant suggestion of my friend Ariana, I added a pocket to the front that droops perfectly to catch the crumbs and missed-mouth-completely foods.

fold and go bib 003
Droopy pocket in action
fold and go bib 002
Just a front view of the pocket.
I added terry cloth (aka towel) to the back to make it more absorbent…
fold and go bib 004
Terry cloth back, with pockets for silverware…
Ok and for the grand finale of cool discoveries, (Drum roll please…..)
When you’re all done using the bib and it’s covered in “achies” (pronounced “uh-keys” as in gross drool/spit-up/not-good-for-babies stuff. Here, I’ll use it in a sentence for you, “don’t eat that Eli, that’s achies.” ok lets move on) You fold and snap it up the opposite way and trap said achies and dirty spoon inside until you get home and can throw it in the laundry or hamper! Woo hoo! How freakin’ amazing is that???
fold and go bib 005
Bib folded “wrong” way to keep the dirty side from touching clean stuff in the diaper bag Smile
Happy momma doing the happy dance over here.

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