Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My little model and muse…

You all know I’ve been making baby projects/clothes for yeeeears, obviously before I even had my own babycakes, so let me tell you how exciting it is for me to have one at my disposal to inspire me and to try thing things on as soon as they are finished. Talk about instant gratification! In the past I would just eyeball things and guestimate on measurements and wait impatiently until the mom told me if it fit or not. Not anymoooooore Smile Now my only problem is waiting for Eli to wake up so I can see him in it. Oh the suspense, it kills me! (Cue the dramatic music).
So I was googling tutorials for big baby butt pants (for Eli’s cloth diaper bum) and stumbled upon these adorable pants over at made-by-rae.com and LOVED them:bib baby butt pants
However I didn’t really feel like paying $10 to buy the pattern :/ I thought I’d just try making a pair of pants and enlarging the bum area. Then I checked out her other free tutorials and found a basic newborn pant and she commented that the bum area is very roomy even for a cloth diapered newborn. So I printed that puppy out and just added a couple inches to the height and length and voila! Eli’s shark outfit was born!
new shark outfit 003
He’s even wearing his cloth diaper here
Then taking this very basic pattern, I used Jessica’s jean design over at Running with Scissors to copy the sewing lines that make jeans look like jeans. Her tutorial, although very well done and thorough, looked too complicated for me. She lost me at the faux fly Sad smile. Anyways, for Eli’s jean I made the super simple newborn pant and added the pockets to the back, but then everything else is just stitching. So there aren’t really any front pockets or fly, just good ol’ stretchy goodness. I got this super soft stretchy jean-looking material in the clearance bin at Joanne’s and still have enough to make at least 3 more pairs so I made these “jeans” for dirt cheap. Bonus!
Here a couple pics of the stitching and stuff:
Eli's new pants 002
Eli's new pants 003
Eli's new pants 004
Stitching detail. I busted it out my double needle for the first time Smile
And now for the pics of my little stud in them:
Eli's new pants 006
Cloth diaper on and everything.
Eli's new pants 007
Booty shot
Eli's new pants 008
Work it, work it.
Eli's new pants 010
Hi punkin.
Eli's new pants 011
Daddy wasn’t home to help with the photo shoot, so momma had to be the camera-woman, clown, and supporter.
So what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Again, I wish I was half as talented as you are. Maybe one day =)

Stacey McCarron

LeslieFreeman said...

LOVE Made by Rae's website!! His jeans turned out sooo cute! Good job momma!!

Linds said...

Thanks ladies! Means a lot :)

Laura DeHaan Haske said...

These are great! The big cloth diaper butt is definitely an obstacle for Caleb fitting in pants - so is his huge belly:)