Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wanna trade?

A friend from facebook is a crocheter (word right?) and she saw the crochet hook roll I made my mom for christmas and wanted one. Well she makes the most adorable knit hats, sooooo (see where I’m going here? Sneaky, sneaky sir.) I offered her a trade and she agreed! Woo hoo! Eli is now the proud owner of a super cute new hat Smile

eli's new hat 002

(Hat handmade by Donna Jo Thacker)

eli's new hat 003

Side view with the cute little animal buttons.

eli's new hat 004

Just having a grand ol’ time on the floor…with his shoe.

Thanks Donna! I hope your crochet roll serves you well and you like it as much as we love our hat. Aaaaanytime you wanna trade again, just let me know Winking smile


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