Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Update on Eli’s head…

This post is for my silent lurkers, wondering whatever happened regarding Eli’s flat head mentioned ages ago…? Winking smile
Ok so remember I had mentioned the “not so good news” about Eli’s head having a flat spot on the back right side at the 4 month update? Our pediatrician had given us a referral to have his head checked out for a free consultation with the head specialists . Well Aaron and I wanted to wait a bit and see if it would be able to correct on its own (and also wait until the first of the year to do it if it did indeed need to happen because I had jumped onto Aaron’s insurance after my maternity leave so late in the year and I wanted this bound-to-be-super-expensive helmet expense put towards THIS years deductible. Hey, I gotta be practical in this economy!)
So it DID improve a lot on it’s own since he is a lot more mobile these days and no longer tilting his head at night to suck his thumb attached to his short, stubby arm. (Grrr, still bitter about it since he did that for maaaaaybe 3 weeks tops—enough to do permanent damage.) His head is less “cone-y” but it still has an undeniable flat spot that is there to stay, unfortunately. Sad smile So we had his head photos taken today and did the consultation and we’re pretty certain we need to do this for him. They are going to get back to us in the next day or two regarding insurance coverage and potential cost.
Here are Eli’s mug shots. I laugh out loud each time I stare at that face in the first slot. Aaron wanted to photo shop it and put “wanted” above it. Ha ha ha. Mommy loves you sweet pea Smile
pre DOC band 003
Some of the pics make it difficult to tell because he’s tilting his head or leaning forward but it’s there. She said that this flatness has lead to a slight shift in Eli’s forehead, and ear alignment. She thinks Eli will most likely need to be in it for 8 weeks. (Crossing our fingers that it’s shorter than that and NOT longer!)
The bummer of it all is that we’ll have to do weekly appointments initially, and then it’ll be every 2 weeks, but it’s out in Lombard! Waaaaah! That’s like 45 minutes away—(so an hour and a half in the car for you mathematically challenged peeps. Sad smile ) Waaaaah! But she was telling me their furthest client drives in each week from Kentucky!!! Holy canoly! Ok. I’ll stop whining now.
You should check out their website if you’ve never heard of a DOC band *coughbeckycough*. They tell you what the DOC band is all about, how it works, and they show some pretty amazing befores and afters. Did you know that prior to the “back to sleep” campaign, plagiocephaly (the correct medical terminology for miss-shaped heads) was 1 baby in 300, but now post campaign its 1 in 10?!? The studies have shown that the rate of SIDS has dropped so significantly and that abnormal head shapes can easily be corrected non-surgically that they feel the benefits of back to sleep far out way this risk. Interesting huh?
Alrighty, that’s the update in a nutshell for now. Toodles!
They made him strip down to his diaper for these pics, good thing he had on his fancy schmancy Huggies jean diapers Winking smile. Dressed to impress, oh yeah!


Anonymous said...

I dunno, Linds.........he's still sooo handsome as far as I'm concerned.

Ya better think about this: If you make him more perfect than he already is, did you stop to think that he is going to have to carry a baseball bat to keep the chicky's away when he's a teenager? Yep, it's gonna be a full-time job for him. Just sayin'...... ;D <3

Auntie Glenna Sue Magoo

Linds said...

Yes Auntie Glenna that "burden" did occur to me ;) I mean how does one make perfection better? We shall see :)

Infarrantly Creative said...

I know you are not talking about me because you would totally spell my name right. But just in case you had a brain fart and meant MWAH I did check them out...and never in my life have I seen those helmets before. But I am really excited to see you bling it out. {giggle}