Friday, January 20, 2012

My SU-per Baby!

This is how I place him in my awesome “C” pillow (it’s a preggo pillow that is just that, an oversized “c”, ha ha):


Happy, content.

I walk into the bathroom, blow my nose, return to this:


The shenanigans my mobile 6 month old gets into in 2.5 seconds. I think he’s playing possum…

But don’t despair, he can handle it. He’s SU-per baby!!!!


Ha ha ha. This kid cracks me up. Never a dull moment in the Scicluna household. I think he’s ready to join Grandpa Terry in his weight room and start doing some bench presses…just sayin’.

Alrighty, better get to bed. I got a craft date with my girls in the morning. Na night.


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