Monday, January 23, 2012

Eli getting dunked…

Auntie Stephie joined Eli and I at swim lessons today and managed to capture a video of him getting dunked. He goes under like a champ. This kid has not cried or fussed ONCE while in the water since we started our lessons 3 months ago. He makes me so proud. Smile Sorry about the poor video quality, it’s from her phone:

We love Mondays around here. This is our last free session of lessons, next he graduates to “diaper divers” (makes me giggle every time I say that) which will cost a pretty penny but I feel worth every cent. Jeremy clearly knows what he’s doing, gets results and is SO good with the kiddos. I feel it’s my duty as Eli’s parent to make sure he’s not afraid of water and if God forbid he ever fell in, would not panic and at the very least, be able to float until help arrives. After listening to Jeremy describe the different infant reflexes and how to work around them, I realized that even though I like to swim and can, I know nothing about teaching my son how to swim. So needless to say, if you can’t tell already, I highly recommend swim lessons and starting young Smile


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