Monday, January 2, 2012

Eli beatboxing…

I Sure hope you aren’t getting sick of videos but now that he’s showing so much personality, pictures just aren’t cutting it.
Tonight, while eating his sweet potatoes he started making noises that sounded like he was trying to beat box. It was HIL-arious! Lately he’s just been doing it with his copious amounts of teething drool, but after trying it with sweet potatoes in his mouth and feeling it fly out, he kept doing it—to the point where momma contemplated putting on her apron :/
So the first video was me prompting/demonstrating, trying to get him to do it on his own and he started laughing at me! So I had to post this first video just because it makes me laugh watching him laugh (**note, for those of you who are Stephanie Schumann unfamiliar with the plane and hangar analogy, when feeding a baby, the spoon is the plane and the baby’s mouth is the “hangar”, It is does NOT, I repeat, does NOT have anything to do with pooping, mmm kaaay??) Lets move on:
This next one, (much shorter, I promise) is a glimpse of him doing it before he became camera shy. Too funny:
Gosh I love that kid…
(a.k.a Mom of future white rapper) j/k. Smile


LeslieFreeman said...

These videos CRACKED me up! Love his little laughs!!

Linds said...

I know, right?!?!? Hilarious! Thanks!