Saturday, January 7, 2012

The moment you’ve been waiting for. What’s in the tote???

Ok, sorry to be so mean Winking smile My poor friend Jeri worried she’d have a hard time sleeping wondering what it could be! Too funny. Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner! And the winner is……
Jennee KolthofF!!!! She took a guess on facebook, So the clue I gave was that it wasn’t underwear, “although you’d wonder”. See what I mean:
eli's cart cover 029
Oh my word, I laughed so hard when I was done and held it up. I thought “these look like a giant pair of skivies!”
Ok, so it’s real purpose as Jennee guessed, is a shopping cart cover. When I think of my little sweet pea lunging forward to suck on the cart handle, I throw up a little in my mouth.
eli's cart cover 031
Ta da!
Here he is checking out his new surroundings. This was another first for him as well. Now that he’s sitting up with minimal support, I just left him this way for the quick run into the store instead of carrying him in his carseat like I usually do.
Ok so the details: It does NOT have batting in between the layers like a lot of these things do. For me, it was all about tot-ability (did I just make up a word??). If this thing was big and bulky, no WAY would I lug it around with me…baby lunging forward to suck on handle…k, so maaaybe I’d drag it round with me but I wouldn’t be happy about it. Then I would expect some sort of bag to tuck the thing in and now I’m carrying 23,45o things for my bouncing baby boy just to go to the grocery store. Sad smile I kept it very simple, lightweight and practical. Most things I make for my son, I want to be able to shove into my oversized purse, or store on my wrist.
See the pocket in front above ^ and now the the teaser pic I showed you the other day:
 ---All one piece.The whole thing, with a lot of non-gentle shoving tight rolling, fits snuggly into a little wristlet for easy toting. I added a toy snap thingy (what the heck are they called??) So that we could bring Gerry along and have him STAY in the cart with him, and not end up on the floor a thousand times. And last but not least, 2 slits in the back to allow the store’s safety straps to slip through:
eli's cart cover 033
Can you see how Gerry is connected to the toy strap thingy? Gerry has velcro, but in case a specific toy doesn’t, I added a snap to the strap
eli's cart cover 034
The small slit for the safety strap.
eli's cart cover 035
Aaaand my carry-all pocket. I put my coupon holder and keys in there.
My lovely photo assistant, Grandpa Don, Came out to help me with the photos. **Funny story, I ask him to come over to help me “with a project” and I inform him I need to go to walmart for a shopping cart. Without batting an eye he says “oh, so I’ll need to take my truck (instead of my car with the carseat already strapped in it, like we usually take). Translation: he assumed I was going to steal a cart to bring home!! Ha ha ha. I was like “Don! 1) You think I would steal a cart???! and 2.) You were okay with that?!?!” Ha ha. When I say this man would do literally anything for Steph and I, or his grandson, I mean it. Too funny. But I digress, lets move on. Here I’ll show you how simple it is to get it in its pocket:
step 1: eli's cart cover 038lay it out in front of you on the cart, shove fold sides inward and start rolling it up towards the pocket
Step 2:
eli's cart cover 039
Now tuck into pocket (a little sweet talking helps, I don’t condone swearing around little ones)
Step 3:
eli's cart cover 040
Snap her up…
Step 5:
eli's cart cover 041
Wipe the sweat from your brow and shout to the Gods Halleluia! And voila! You’re the coolest person in the parking lot. Yay you Smile
Thanks for being patient with me.


LeslieFreeman said...

LOVE it! I totally cracked up when you said Don wanted to bring the truck and help you steal the cart! That would have been HILARIOUS to see! Nice job!

Linds said...

I'm getting that alot regarding the Don part. Ha ha ha! Love that man :)